Car park charges

We are fortunate in having, at the village hall, an excellent car park that provides parking for users of the hall, the recreation ground, the community shop, the cafe, the school, the play area, the bowling club, and the public toilet. Most of the cars in the car park are owned by those people using these facilities but, there are others who use the car park as a place to park their vehicles even when they are not using these facilities.

Until 2018, the parking had been provided free of charge to all users. The hall committee decided that those who are not using the facilities at the site should pay a modest charge towards the upkeep of the car park and associated facilities. The charges came into force as from 1 April 2018.

The basic charge for a car is £1 for up to 24 hours. Tickets are available from the shop.

Local residents will be able to buy annual permits for £50 for a car, £100 for a small commercial vehicle, and £150 for a large commercial vehicle. A large commercial vehicle is one that does not fit fully into one car parking bay.

Alternatively, residents can buy in advance a number of pre-paid tickets, e.g. if they have visitors staying with them who could use the car park for a few days or the resident wishes to park their own car their for a short period. These can be purchased at the discounted rate of £5 for 10 tickets.

Note that tickets will not be issued for days when large events are taking place in the hall or recreation ground, e.g. produce markets, antiques markets, carnival etc. Also, the annual permits and pre-paid tickets will not be valid on those days.

Residents wishing to purchase an annual permit or pre-paid tickets can download this application form Please print out the form, complete your details and return it to the address on the form together with the fee payable. Full terms and conditions are on the application form.